Waste Heat Recovery Boiler for Glass Industry

Waste heat recovery boiler for glass industry is a type of waste heat recovery boiler which mainly applied in glass industry. ZG Boiler waste heat recovery boiler for glass industry fully recover the high temperature gas furnace glass, and it is possible to further improve the utilization waste heat rate more than 70%. By allocating various parts of the heating surface rationally, strengthening boiler heat, reducing boiler leakage, ZG Boiler waste heat recovery boiler for glass industry has effectively improved the thermal efficiency of the boiler.
Waste heat recovery boiler power generation system can be further improved heat utilization rate of over 70%, and fully takes the high temperature gas resources recovery in glass furnaces. By setting the high efficient vertical pipe cogeneration boiler to produce superheated steam, and the flue gas discharge temperature dropped to about 180℃, superheated steam through the turbine generator to generate electricity and easy to use, flexible delivery of clean energy, expanding the flue gas utilization of waste heat. At the same time it can be extracted from the low-pressure turbine section low pressure steam for heating the heavy oil fuel, and meet the demand of glass production for process heat.


Waste Heat Recovery Boiler for Glass Industry Application: power generation and central heating in glass industries

Waste Heat Recovery Boiler for Glass Industry Features

Low Resistance

Boiler body uses same flow rate and low flow rate design, and the body resistance in the design condition all less than 900Pa, which is beneficial to combination with other equipment and reduce system power consumption.

Long Life

Using inverted U-shaped arrangement, which has the advantages of long life, easy maintenance, economic security and reliable, fully applicable to the use of heavy oil or natural gas fuel float kiln boiler production line.

Excellent Sealing Performance

Combined with light shield fully welded furnace wall structure, connection between the shield and the steel frame using flexible sealing structure to ensure the shield with steel boiler-binding site is not seal off due to thermal expansion; furnace tubes through the shield wall parts used combs all-welded seal structure, reducing the boiler leakage.

Neat Appearance

Float kiln waste heat boiler at the heating surface arrangement, a large number of small bend radius R, so that the overall structure is more compact boiler, looks tidy.