SHX Series CFB Boiler

SHX Series CFB Boiler Introduction

SHX series circulating fluidized bed boiler is the fourth generation of a circulating fluidized bed boilers developed by ZG Boiler, and it can burn anthracite, lean coal, bituminous coal, coal gangue, slag chain, gas-making slag and other low-grade fuel and high sulfur content fuel, which do great contribution to environment protection. Membrane separator using the separator wall forming the skeleton, a stable structure. Combustion installations hood dense, porous form, so that the air distribution and flow of quality uniform and steady. Adding limestone into the furnace, can significantly reduce sulfur corrosion of the equipment, meet environmental requirements.
The SHX series CFB boiler combustion chamber and the vortex separator is composed of membrane water wall. The vortex separator is located in the upper part of the combustion chamber, and the left side of the furnace arrangement loopback device. All the furnace flue gas velocity less than the terminal velocity of the upward movement of small particles with the flue gas, after entering the cyclone, larger size than the cut size of particles to be separated, and form a material enclosed in a feed back channel, and then sent back by the membrane porous semi-artesian means to feed the furnace mixed with the hot bed combustion cycle repeatedly.


SHX Series CFB Boiler Features

Splitter Unique Structure Design

Membrane lining the walls of the heat, allowing the flue gas in the separator char to continue to burn, and it does not cause coking,and will improve separation efficiency.

Loopback Device Patented Design

Feed back system uses patented technology Membrane Water Wall porous semi-artesian loopback device, and the regrind is uniform and smooth; loopback device utilizes a patented long-short half-wall gravity loopback device, back to the material evenly.

Pipe Wear Design

The pipes use special angles and dimensions of the wear bars to prevent pipe wear, and the boiler take welding wear tendons and other measures after running some time (usually more than one year) which can extend pipes life.