Coconut Shell Fired Boiler

Coconut shell fired boiler is a type biomass fired chain grate boiler and it is flexible to fuel adaptability, not only coconut shell, palm kernel shell, rice husks, corn cobs, wood waste and other biomass fuels can be its fuels, but also all types of coal can be its fuels. With an estimated total world production of 28,765 million coconuts, it can be calculated that over 4 million tons of shell are theoretically available; however, much of this is lost – for example, when tender nuts are used for drinking purpose.
In all producing countries, coconut shells are used as a fuel, mainly for the production of copra, but also domestically. It is estimated that 70% of the coconut shells produced in Malaysia are used as fuel in copra dries, and in Sri Lanka as much as two thirds of the shells produced on estates during copra making can be used to fire the kilns, an excess being created on each firing if the kiln is efficient. Coconut shells are not favored as boiler fuel due to the corrosive effect of the combustion vapors, which are intensified by the high temperatures reached. however, ZG Boiler has designed and manufactured coconut shell fired boiler to avoid the problem and the coconut shell fired boiler has earned great popularity in the world.


Coconut Shell Fired Steam Boiler Advantage

1. Wide raw materials to be the fuels which is with low cost and increase the enterprises’ profits.
2. New furnace with dust separation space makes unburned falling fuel second burning, the sufficient combustion greatly enhances the heat efficiency, saves the fuel and protects the environment.
3. Applies advanced water circulation technology, has low requirements to water, effectively avoids boiler scale and impurities sediment, with longer use life and easy maintenance.
4. More than 70 years’ experience guarantees the professional technologies, high quality and good service.

Coconut Shell Fired Boiler Manufacturer

Coconut shell fired boiler for sale in ZG Boiler is a type of biomass fired boiler, which takes coconut shell, rice husk, firewood, corn cob, cane bagasse and other waste as its fuels. ZG Boiler, as the leading industrial boilers manufacturer with A1, A2, C3 boiler and pressure vessel design and manufacture license permits, has more than 70 years’ experience which is specialized in industrial boilers and industrial autoclaves. Coconut shell fired boiler in ZG Boiler is high efficient, energy saving and low combustion, it indeed is a reliable choice.