Autoclave for PHC Pile

We are professional autoclave manufacture for PHC pile and we are specialized in autoclave for calcium silicate board, autoclave for AAC production line, autoclave for fly ash bricks, etc. With the aid of sophisticated technology, we create the desired manufacturing line for the customers. And the autoclave for PHC pile in ZG Boiler is created according to customers’ requirement and it has become more and more popular around the world.

PHC Pile Autoclave Curing Process

Prestressed high strength concrete pile (referred to as: the PHC pile) production usually using steam curing and autoclave curing of combining the “two curing” production process. Steam curing can accelerate PHC pile production process of steel mould turnover, improve production efficiency; autoclave curing makes the concrete strength of PHC pile in a short time by 45-55 MPa to 80-100MPa,to meet the need of rapid construction of the project. PHC pile at steam curing process generated by Ca(OH)2 hydration products accounted for 20-25% of total, Ca(OH)2 and concrete sand and gravel aggregate surface of SiO2 occurs hydrothermal synthesis reaction,to generate a certain amount of high strength hydration products Tobermorit C5S6H5,so the original intensity was low hydration products of Ca(OH)2 into high strength hydration products. After centrifugation process, low strength of sand interface caused by concrete delamination has been a certain amount of reinforcement. Not only the rapid increase in the strength of concrete, but also conducive to resisting hammer construction method of improving.

The use of autoclave curing process characteristics of the hydrothermal synthesis, in the PHC pile production also uses mixed with silica sand powder (or sand mill) 20-30% of an equivalent alternative to Portland cement,This technology not only can reduce the amount of cement, energy saving, but also can use mine waste detrital quartz resources, has good technical and economic benefits.
Autoclave plays an important role for PHC pile and autoclave is key equipment in steam curing process. Autoclave for sale in ZG Boiler is carefully designed and manufactured on the basis of fully absorbing the strengths of similar products at home and abroad and standards related to pressure vessels, and it makes the finite element analysis and calculation on the major pressure components of autoclaved reactor, which can ensure safe and reliable operation.