Autoclave for Calcium Silicate Board

Calcium Silicate Board is manufactured from a mixture of portland cement, fine silica, special cellulose fibers and selected fillers to impart durability, toughness, fire and moisture resistance. Autoclave for calcium silicate board is important and the autoclaved calcium silicate board is becoming more and more popular around the world.

The Function of Autoclaves

Autoclaves are a vital part of the production. They are basically long pipes that the boards are transported through before cutting the boards. Inside the autoclaves, the boards are submitted to high steam pressure and temperatures and the chemical reaction here provides the calcium silicate boards with their specific technical properties.


Autoclaved Calcium Silicate Board Features and Applications

Calcium silicate board is made of high grade siliceous and calcareous materials with the mixture of natural fiber reinforced substance. Its a high efficiency and competitive price building decorative material. The calcium Silicate boards provide better Fire Protection, Sound and Thermal insulation properties, it can be widely used in building partitions and ceilings, such as office, meeting room, school, hospital, amusement site, station, commercial building, sport court and club. The surface of the boards is suitable for various decorations.

Autoclave Manufacturer for Calcium Silicate Board

ZG Boiler is the industrial autoclave manufacturer for calcium silicate board in China with more than 70 years’ history, and the autoclave we design and manufacture is a steel industrial horizontal autoclave. It is designed and manufactured carefully on the basis of absorbing advanced technology home and abroad, and is in accordance with the standards of pressure vessel in China.